Transform the Way of Doing AEC Business with Construction Management

Transform the Way of Doing AEC Business with Construction Management

Do you want to revamp the way of doing business? Competent professionals provide construction management solutions by using innovative technologies of Virtual Design and Construction, including Building Information Management, Virtual Reality, Drone, Big Data, and Robotics. Expert construction professionals manage projects from inception to completion for controlling cost, time, and quality and can enhance the business value of the facility life cycle. AEC professionals can collaborate with clients to successfully deliver projects through construction management.

Construction Management Solutions help all AEC professionals through various stages of the project lifecycle:

 Pre-construction – Using the latest software applications, experts perform an integrated Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of buildings and energy simulations on various designs during design support stages. BIM-integrated LCA allows the designer to get instant feedback on carbon and energy at vital stages of the design process.

 Commissioning – Construction Management Experts facilitate AEC professionals to achieve, verify, and document the performance of facilities. Be it planning, verification, delivery, or risk management; construction managers help to improve construction quality through an on-site audit. Construction professionals can also enhance the energy efficiency, environmental performance, and construction safety with adept construction management services.

 Risk management – Proficient construction managers address the entire project process and identify the risk associated with sustainability. They articulate sustainability goals, develop a plan, and consider integrated project delivery for making an estimate.

 Project Management – Construction professionals get complete project life-cycle management from the stage of initiation, planning, execution to closure with project management solutions. Significant project management roles include Planning & Management, Cost & Schedule Management, Scope & Quality Management, and Safety Management and Sustainability.

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