Digital Quantity Take-Off – Bid & Win More Project in Short Schedule

Don’t let deadlines, and change orders slow you down. Using 5D BIM, you can get the best of both the worlds – speed and accuracy. Drag and drop to build your take-offs and calculations. Bidding and winning more construction projects just got easier with 5D BIM. Let’s Tejjy showcase how to expedite the quantity take-off process that can add value and profit to your construction project at every step: 


1. A Competent Communication Tool – 5D BIM

You can connect all the project stakeholders involving clients, contractors, consultants, and architects at one platform.  

2. An Accurate Estimate

Using the BIM Modelling and its related data:  Cost Managers can quickly assess the quantity of the particular item, applying respective cost for complete cost estimate for the different specifications, which will lead to a total project cost.

3. Automatic Counting 

Automatically counting through BIM Modeling saves BOQ process time. You can visualize the cost clearly in 3D and can get automatic notification whenever there is any modification in the BIM model. Quality of cost estimate gets directly linked to the quality of BIM produced by the project team. 

4. Indicative Cost Plan

You can make an indicative cost plan at the beginning and can then update with project development with the help of BIM. You can get engaged right from the project outset and act as an equal player with the support of 5D BIM. 

5. Project Planning

Bill of Quantity (BOQ) plays a crucial role in project planning.  Since the components with their quantities get listed, half of your planning work will be ready and become part of WBS for your schedule, wow. You only have to allocate the resources with the schedule duration, and your planning sheet will be complete.

6. Evaluate & Compare

Evaluation & Comparison are made easy with 5D BIM. You can know the components in the project. As a result of which, you can evaluate it thoroughly. You can float the BID & can compare the contractors based on each item, which ultimately leads you to get the best deal. It may help owners to get many competitive bids.

7. Lots of Time in Identifying Suppliers

If your items and quantities are already known, you will get sufficient time to identify the suppliers and negotiate with them, which leads to saving of your project cost as well schedule as you know the lead time for each item. 

8. Elimination of Guesswork

No Guess work and BIM based BOQ doesn’t let guesswork to prevail and offer vital information necessary in the smooth running of the project. You can get a preliminary description of all tasks with a comprehensive list of materials used. Hence, you can offer an idea to the contractor about the responsibility he has to accomplish. 

9. Efficient Project Management

BOQ is also an essential tool for efficient project management. If all your material is available on time, you can speed up your work. Moreover, if you are entirely aware of the items, components, suppliers, and time frame, you can finish your project within time frame.

10. Cost Reduction

Time and cost in construction are interrelated. If you can complete the work within the specified time frame, you will be automatically successful in saving the project cost.

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