Modular BIM Setting a Demanding Environment for the Construction Site

At present, the construction sector is facing challenges for complex projects with manifold services getting involved. The owners want the best quality and finish with fast project execution and reduced cost of operation within an aggressive deadline. As a result, collaboration with stakeholders is a bit complicated. In this regard, Modular BIM helps to streamline project communication, facilitating Project Information Management.

Modular BIM Setting a Demanding Environment for the Construction Site

How Modularization Helps the Construction Management Experts& Builders?

Construction management experts and builders often have to face extreme weather conditions. The right facilities through modularized construction help the construction managers and builders to withstand the demands of a construction site, as well as improve the productivity and morale of the workplace.The usage of modular construction has become prominent in the construction domain. Providing builders & technicians with economic & functional facilities help in organizing and preparing buildings quickly.

What is a Modular Building Technique?

Modular construction can be defined as an advanced & sustainable building delivery technique using off-site & lean manufacturing methods to prefabricate the entire building solutions in deliverable modular sections.The method permits a building construction under controlled circumstances in a factory, to use the same resources and design as per the similar building codes & standards as conventional buildings but in just about half of the time taken. The modular construction can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Two Types of Modular Buildings

  • Re-locatable Buildings:

These buildings are transported to a construction site for a specific, but temporary purpose. This kind of typically smaller building is well suited for Disaster relief, Temporary worker housing, and Construction site offices. Since these buildings are not permanently installed onto the construction site, re-locatable modular buildings can be easily moved once the purpose has been served.

  • Permanent Modular Construction:

Permanent Modular buildings are designed to be assembled on the site permanently and are usually higher than the temporary buildings. These buildings can be formed for serving any function, but are commonly suited for apartments, hospitality, education, office buildings, and retail. They can set up offices, communal accommodation, or industry-specific facilities in no time. Modular building can be set on-site before relocation, enabling the construction professionals to take greater services on other projects.

Top Three Benefits of Modular Construction

  • Streamline the Pre-Construction & Construction Process – Construction following on-site methodology is a bit incompetent, involving the coordination of multiple, fragmented teams leading to miscommunications, conflicts, and mistakes entailing costly returns before the ground is even broken. Moreover, there are bottlenecks in material deliveries due to difficulty in organizing large teams and equipment, and extreme weather conditions. Modular construction minimizes all these challenges by streamlining the entire process of pre-construction and construction.Since the modular units get completed in the facility, they can be assembled on-site in a matter of a few days.
  • Save Cost from Modularization – Streamlining the construction workflow reduces the time taken for project completion as well as the cost. By reducing the project delays and minimizing the wastage associated with designing and constructing a building can curtail costs upto 20%.
  • Enhance Project Sustainability– A traditional construction yields huge waste, most of which result in landfills, polluting the environment. However, when most of the construction process takes place in a controlled facility on an organized assembly line through modular construction, waste creation is minimized, preventing pollutants from entering the soil, air, or groundwater.

Opting for modular BIM as a property owner can save 50% of the time, compared to the conventional construction. Call the BIM Modular experts of Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or email at [email protected] to discuss your Prefabrication & Modularization requirements in the USA.