BIM 360 Overview: Docs, Design, Build, Collaborate

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BIM 360 is a cloud-based platform for document management for AEC project delivery and construction. This software empowers construction professionals by equipping them with the right tools required to meet their project planning and delivery goals.

BIM 360 Overview: Docs, Design, Build, Collaborate

Currently most construction teams are widely dispersed and hence create large volumes of data. Collaboration processes such as VPN (Virtual Private Networks), FTP (File Transfer Protocols) of BIM lack the scalability required to cater to the growing data management needs of disparate construction teams. BIM 360 overcomes this limitation by offering an integrated system for project delivery and management through different stages of the building lifecycle.

BIM 360 offers construction professionals several products to streamline project delivery. In this blog, we will focus on 4 major products namely Docs, Design, Build and Collaborate.

Let us take a look at these BIM 360 products:

BIM 360 Docs: 

All the relevant data for the project is centralized in a single cloud-based platform.

BIM 360 facilitates access of project data to construction and project teams from any location and at any time of their choice.

Since various stakeholders can work on a specific document set, the risk of rework of design is reduced.

Various stakeholders in a project such as architects, engineers, and constructors can participate in project planning and execution. This is because of the interoperability feature of BIM 360 with other Autodesk products.

BIM 360 also enables data analysis for the planning of future projects.

These features enhance the quality and efficiency and minimize risks.

BIM 360 Design:

It is a design collaboration software. It facilitates Real-time Revit cloud work sharing and collaboration of workflows for Civil 3D and Plant 3D.

It facilitates co-authoring Revit models and access to Civil 3D and Plant 3D files across single/multiple organizations.

Seamless communication in the cloud between team members and different teams boosts productivity, enhances efficiency and increases the speed of delivery of projects.

BIM 360 Build:

It offers an integrated construction management platform that:

Connects the office and field providing visibility into project performance.

Supports quality and safety programs, RFIs, submittals, cost controls, and daily reporting.

By tracking the progress of the project through the project lifecycle, rework can be minimized, quality enhanced, and time for delivery accelerated.

BIM Collaboration:

BIM addresses the collaboration challenges faced by disparate construction teams. Hence, it works as the ideal solution in Design-Build and Operate phases of a project.

Facilitates remote collaboration on Revit models.

A centralized cloud-based platform simplifies workflows by enabling collaboration between stakeholders in real-time from anywhere at any time.

BIM 360 not only minimizes IT costs but also streamlines the management of user permissions.

Collaboration facilitates tracking the progress of the project besides providing access to non-Revit collaborators.

Timely project deliveries within allocated budgets is another benefit offered by seamless collaboration between stakeholders.

Besides these, there are several other products offered by BIM to enhance the quality and efficiency of construction projects.

For a specific project, you may require a single product or a combination of different products. Construction management companies with expertise in the field can choose the right blend of BIM products for a project.

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