GEO BIM keeping contractors more productive along with safety

Construction professionals, including contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers across the world have experienced shocks due to Covid-19 pandemic. Regional workforce from the Middle East and Gulf cooperation council terminated large sections of construction labor, owing to the shock of coronavirus pandemic in the reality market and collapse of Oil &Gas industry. About 20 million workforce migrants from these regions are confronted with uncertainty related to their livelihood. A substantial proportion of the workforce is associated with the construction industry and they had their contracts terminated because of the complexity of Covid-19and social distancing measures on sites, resulting in the shutting of the major construction site.

Now, the construction sector has started resuming work, and there is a flow in mandate across the regions for protecting on-site workers in architectural services, engineering and building materials. Countries are developing physical distancing guidelines for industrial work sites. This encompasses measures from self-contained teams, changes in shift patterns, checking of temperature, health check-up to personal protective equipment, advanced sanitation and alternate transport plans. Alternate measures for keeping contractors productive on-site amidst social distancing include identification work in the construction project lifecycle to be transitioned to off-site locations under a controlled environment. The heightened measures necessitate strict monitoring and tracking mechanisms.

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GEO BIM Services for Tracking & Tracing

Monitoring and analyzing data from construction sites, enable an understanding of worker activities, which is significant for the control of Covid-19 infection. Digitized construction site monitoring with GEOBIM technology plays a crucial role in resolving unprecedented site conditions because of Covid pandemic. GEOBIM technology helps to make risk analysis and supports tracking of workforce drive and construction site activities. Before Covid-19, several construction and engineering companies opted for  a digitized design build BIM solution for obtaining enhanced productivity, leveraging the power of data technology in the workers, machines and materials. Integrated BIM technology with Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Robotic Process Automation, Geospatial technology helps to create an interconnected data flow between equipment and worksites. This interested blend of technology with BIM has resulted in:

  • Enhanced workplace safety through Virtual Reality & sensors for hazard alert
  • Benchmark improvements through measurement of project component through GEO BIM
  • Efficiency improvement by utilizing equipment & fuel consumption through identifying benchmark
  • Increased labor and machinery productivity

Digitized collaboration across workforce hierarchy facilitated in bringing change at every level. This comprises sensors on worker’s helmets, equipment and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags on materials. All such measures aided effective identification of unsafe practices, and best workflows for enhanced productivity. Afterwards, the labor force was given training based on sound analysis from tracking & tracing sensors for safer workplace practices. As a result of which, GEO BIM technologies have become imperative in analytical risk management and safety.

GEO BIM spatial integration & point cloud laser scanning

Spatial intelligence of construction site is monitored carefully for negating potential risk related to unequal distribution of workforce movement. Integrated GEO BIM platform combined with point cloud data through open IFC format helps to track worker movement and activities, by creating a solid base for accurate site monitoring. Site monitoring of project is conducted through localized markers from site layout. The site model in Building Information Modeling is integrated with spatial data retrieved from Drone or Point cloud data Google maps or other Very-high resolution satellite images

GEO BIM Real-time location monitoring

A combination of external GPS tracking of workers in construction site, and internal local tracking of actions are fed to geospatial platform for cloud monitoring in actual time. Entry and exit points of under-construction structure, congested routes and other areas challenging social distancing measures are avoided with the help of this monitoring platform.

GEO BIM On-site risk assessment and surveillance

Evaluation of site risk involves an effective surveillance system that can diligently mix diverse technology solutions for enabling construction site supervisors to monitor essential risks, and deliver dynamic solutions on-site. GEO BIM technology facilitates such evaluation and real-time actions by:

  • Alerting Workers: Remote site supervisor alerts workers in various areas due to overcrowding, not accessing a specific place or equipment disaster. If workers of specific site come in close contact with Covid positive worker, the site manager alerts crew and block off the area
  • Real-time Tracking: Real-time tracking of the movement of the workers’ activities and contact with equipment and machineries could be updated in the cloud platform. This facilitates the site supervisor to accomplish contact tracing in case of positive infection, and alert workers and health authorities consequently.
  • Surveillance: Thermal and IoT-based sensors are integrated with worker’s protective equipment for monitoring the real-time health condition and workplace behavior for potential Covid symptoms for immediate isolation of symptomatic workers.
  • Technical finding: Remote access for analysis of equipment and machinery with advanced sensor technologies helps to get rid of on-site inspection. All such diagnoses enable technicians to resolve issues remotely, as opposed to on-site inspection

GEOBIM On-site Construction Solutions

GEO BIM technique allows predictive analysis of site conditions for contractors to take significant call over safe practices and competent workflows under  pandemic circumstances. Data analysis on gathering records, area movements, regional alerts, and automatic estimation of workforce in diverse site areas help to create anti-contagion measures and optimize prevailing on-site guidelines.

Construction sector is challenged by various issues across supply value-chain in unprecedented times. Through the recent update of BIM technology adoption for smart project management and enhanced ROI, industry leaders are incorporating GEO BIM solutions in various stages of construction project lifecycles. So, if you are in the construction ecosystem, and enthusiastic about utilizing latest technology for overcoming contemporary challenges, you should opt for GEOBIM solution. Integrating technology trends with GEO BIM provides several facets for improving your construction project lifecycle at any stage. Improve your return on investment from integrated geospatial and BIM services. To know more about implementing Building Information Modeling for contractors, talk to the BIM modelers of Tejjy Inc. at 202-465-4830 or [email protected].